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Even babies and children need help.

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Parents bring their babies with a variety of problems, the most common being:

  • baby appears to be uncomfortable and/or unsettled.
  • baby takes a long time to feed and one feed merges into the next.
  • baby regurgitates milk and has spells/periods of crying due to wind.
  • baby sleeps for only a short time, may wake up as soon as they are laid down or will only sleep well if held.

Birth is a demanding process for a baby, especially if the process is:

  • very short or very long.
  • has to be assisted by forceps or ventouse.
  • a caesarian (the sudden change of conditions for a baby born by Caesarean section can also be stressful).

I also see babies who have gone through a normal birth but are still very unsettled.

As your baby cannot tell me what is wrong, I take a full case history including how they feed and sleep. I examine your baby, feeling for tissue tightness and movement. I tell you what I find and then work with the restrictions of movement that I have found.

Treatment is very gentle, using Cranial/Sacral Therapy and possibly some stretching.


The effects of their birth can affect children as they grow. This may lead to other problems. Some of the reasons parents bring their children to an OsteoWellness Manual Therapist are:

  • ear infection/glue ear, regular infections.
  • sinus and dental problems.
  • poor concentration, constant fidgeting, difficulty sitting still.
  • aches and pains, headaches.
  • getting a lot of illnesses.

These are the most common symptoms, but it is by no means an exhaustive list.

I also see children for sports injuries, twisted ankles and other joint problems.

As children’s bodies are not fully formed, only gentle techniques are used. Usually Cranial/Sacral, Myofascial release and Fascial stretching.

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