Case Studies

How treatment has helped our other patients.

Low Back Pain - 1

Case History Lady 54 years old. Retail assistant. Low back pain for no apparent reason, especially sore when standing. Examination There was poor flexion through the spine when bending forward. […]
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Low Back Pain - 2

Case History Male 32 years old. Low back pain after a fall down metal stairs, hitting his low back on the edge of the steps. Examination   There was pain and […]
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Neck Pain and Stiffness

Case History  A retired lady, 67 years old, previously a school teacher. Suffering from neck pain and stiffness, gradually getting worse over the last 2 years. Examination   All movements of […]
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Shoulder Pain

Case History Male, 38 years old Tripped over sole of shoe that had come loose at the toe. Fell forwards onto outstretched arms, 18 months ago. He came to see […]
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Arm Pain

Case History Female 61 years old. Piano Teacher. Slipped on mud and fractured her left wrist. It was put into a cast for 7 weeks. When the cast was removed, […]
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