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Woman with Injured Knee

Case History

Lady 37 years old. Office worker.

Knee pain for no apparent reason. Runs 5km twice a week. Was worse after running and going upstairs.


There was poor flexion through the knee, with pain on palpation around and below the knee cap. Right quads were tight. The right front side of the pelvis was pulled down towards the knee. The right hip was slightly restricted in external rotation.

This lady had rolled on her right ankle while running in the past.


This was undertaken over 4 treatments.

  • The right quad muscles were worked separately to allow them to slide over each other independently.
  • The right rectus femoris was stretched where it attached to the front of the pelvis.
  • The ligaments around the right knee cap and joint line were massaged.
  • Fascial stretching to the right hip.
  • The right ankle was mobilised.

The left hip, knee and ankle were also checked to make sure there was no compensation through the left side.


After the 3rd treatment, this lady could run 5km without knee pain.

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