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Low Back Pain - 1

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Woman Injured Skiier

Case History

Lady 54 years old. Retail assistant.

Low back pain for no apparent reason, especially sore when standing.


There was poor flexion through the spine when bending forward. There was pain over the left and right posterior pelvis and the low part of the lumbar spine. Hamstrings and quads were tighter on the left. Her left ankle was swollen and painful and sensitive, to the point that she would put her right leg across in front to protect it.

On further questioning, it emerged that she had had a skiing accident 25+ years ago, and broke the left lower leg, just above the ankle.


There were a total of six treatments spanning over six weeks. It included the following procedures:

  • Release the ankle in flexion and extension, supination and pronation.
  • Realign the four bones making up the ankle.
  • Fascial release ligaments and tendons that had become stuck together.
  • Stretch muscles up the back and front of the lower and upper leg.
  • Release the left hip, left and right sacroiliac joints.
  • Mobilise the lumbar spine.


Working with the ankle, helped relieve the low back pain. The ankle, is much less swollen and painful, although complete range of movement is still reduced.

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