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Low Back Pain - 2

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Man Falling Down Stairs

Case History

Male 32 years old.

Low back pain after a fall down metal stairs, hitting his low back on the edge of the steps.


There was pain and stiffness in the low back when standing from sitting. The lumbar spine was fixed in a flexed position, causing loss of curvature through the low back. There was pain on palpation the coccyx, left and right sacroiliac joints, L3, L4. Hamstrings and gluteal muscles, quadratus lumborum, erector spinae were tight.  Back movements – flexion, extension, rotation were limited. He had stopped moving the low back almost completely. Left and right hip joints flexed.


There were a total of five treatments spanning over five weeks. It included the following procedures: 

  • Release the left and right sacroiliac joints, gently mobilise L3, 4. 
  • Release the coccyx using Cranial Osteopathy. 
  • Myofascial release to hamstrings, gluteal muscles, quadratus lumborum, erector spinae. 
  • Fascial release through the sacrotuberous ligaments, sacrococcygeal ligaments and thoracolumbar fascia. 
  • Release left and right hips. 
  • Cold pack to the low back every day for 3 days to help inflammation. 
  • Exercises to improve movement through the lumbar spine.


This patient was able to stand up straight, get up from sitting easily and move without pain.

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