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Shoulder Pain

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Man with Sore Shoulder

Case History

Male, 38 years old

Tripped over sole of shoe that had come loose at the toe. Fell forwards onto outstretched arms, 18 months ago.

He came to see me with pain in the front of the shoulder and down the front of the upper arm. His GP had diagnosed adhesive capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder). Physiotherapy was suggested but there was a 4-month waiting list.


Both shoulders were held anteriorly, the right more than the left. The right shoulder was hitched towards the ear. He was only able to raise his right arm forwards and up to 100°, left 160°, right straight behind to 20°, left straight behind 30°, right arm on top of left shoulder, left arm fingers over onto right shoulder blade. Right arm behind back only to low back, left arm behind back to bottom of right shoulder blade. Neck movement in rotation and left side bend also reduced.


This is a long term treatment, initially with 5 treatments every 2 weeks, then further treatments monthly. With the patient having to do a lot of exercises to help restore mobility.

  • Initially, 5 treatments involved gentle traction and stretching through the shoulder capsule in a variety of positions.
  • Stretch of latissimus dorsi muscle in the back.
  • Myofascial release of the rotator cuff muscles, biceps and triceps.
  • Fascial release across the front of the chest and stretch of pectorals to allow the shoulders to sit back into a better position.
  • A fascial stretch from the chest bone into the front of the neck.


Regular exercises to increase movement through the right side of the chest front and back, increase shoulder blade movement, get arm movement to work independently from shoulder blade movement. Stretch through right neck and balance tone right and left.


After 9 months, the right arm has almost normal range of movement. There is still some slight decrease in twisting the arm outward and some slight pain down the front of the upper arm with this movement. Generally this gentleman can move his arm and do most things without bother.

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