How Osteopathy Works

Focusing on the structure of the body and how it functions.

Osteopath Stretching Woman's Shoulder

Primary Benefits

Relief from pain, stiffness and poor mobility are the primary benefits to patients.

Osteopathy is distinctive in the fact that Osteopaths believe that injuries, accidents, and illnesses are written into the body’s structure. The body can heal itself to a certain level and then it compensates. When the body is unable to compensate any further…...that’s when symptoms start to show.

If our body fully repaired itself, we would all have perfect bodies when we are 90!!!!

The balanced functioning of our bodies is essential to good health. Any changes in how one part of our body works can cause pull on the tissues that affect other parts of our body - not only muscles and joints. It may also affect how the nerves, blood supply, and internal organs work.

Whole Body Approach

We take a whole-body approach to diagnosis and treatment. We often do not treat a condition but treat the structures that may be causing the symptoms. Sometimes this may not be where the symptoms are eg. Back pain may be coming from a badly twisted ankle.

Osteopathy treats the individual, rather than the condition. This is because, at first glance, it may appear that people have the same problem, but the cause and how they developed the symptoms may be different.


Osteopaths have many techniques they can use, treatment styles are broadly divided into Structural Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy and also Fascial Stretching. Some Osteopaths focus exclusively on one type of Osteopathy. At OsteoWellness we use them all and will combine them into a treatment that suits you and your symptoms.

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