What Next?

We explain what happens at your first appointment.

1. Consultation

  • On the first visit, a full case history is taken, which includes any medical history and any injuries you may have had in the past.

2. Examination

  • Next, you will be examined to see what and where the problem is. We may require you to remove clothing in the 1st Consultation. It is better to wear soft clothing. (If jeans are worn, they will need to be removed as they are too thick to feel through.)
  • We may ask you to perform some movements.
  • We will palpate (feel) the tissues (muscles, tendons, joints) involved, feeling for tightness, swelling, pulling, or misalignment.

3. Treatment

  • Then we will explain to you what we have found, and how we plan to treat you to improve the problem.
  • Provide some relevant treatment.
  • Finally, we will give a rough estimate of how many treatments will be required.

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